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SubjectRe: [stable] [ANNOUNCE] The longterm Linux kernel is released
On Tue, Aug 02, 2011 at 08:39:16PM +0200, Sven Joachim wrote:
> > I checked the tree on master, it is uptodate. Don't know why it's
> > not reaching the main git server. Maybe have to wait a bit longer.
> I don't think that's the problem, since the v2.6.35.14 tag and the
> commits that lead to it have been at
> for
> at least twelve hours. The problem is that while the tag is there, the
> master branch is still at v2.6.35.13-original. This happens if you just
> "git push v2.6.35.14" without _also_ explicitly pushing the master
> branch. In that case, the commits leading to v2.6.35.14 get pushed (and
> can be fetched with "git fetch -t") but are not on any branch.
> Linus himself had already made this mistake at least twice, so it can
> happen to anyone, I guess. :-)

I too made this mistake a few times. However I just checked Andi's tree
on hera and it's OK, master == v2.6.35.14, so possibly this is just a
synchronization issue. Let's wait a bit.


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