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    SubjectRe: Very strange data loss with jsm driver
    On Tue, Aug 02, 2011 at 11:17:52AM -0300, Breno Leitao wrote:
    > Well, I finally tested it over here, and what I found is:
    > If the line has a \r among the first 16 bytes, then the information
    > is TXed immediately. If there is no \r in the first 16 bytes, then the
    > information seems to be buffered.

    Where in the driver is this happening?

    > So, it seems that that the patch should ask the driver to TX the
    > information when we receive a \r or when the buffer is full. Does it
    > make sense to you ?

    Not sure. I just wonder why the data is disappearing rather than getting
    buffered somewhere. Clearly the other serial drivers are doing that

    I don't even know why the driver should care about the contents at all.
    Just send data when it is ready.

    Len Sorensen

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