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SubjectRe: of_iomap() matched with plan iounmap()
From: David Brown <>
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2011 10:02:26 -0700

> The SPARC target contains of_ioremap() and of_iounmap(), which various
> drivers use (generally inside of CONFIG_SBUS).
> include/linux/of_address.h contains a definition for of_iomap(), but
> not corresponding unmap call. Code using this calls the regular
> iounmap().
> Is it safe to assume that of_iomap() will always be based on ioremap()
> and therefore it is safe to use iounmap(), or would it be better to
> define another name for drivers to use as the inverse of of_iomap().
> I'm not sure what to call it, since of_iounmap() is already taken by

It's better to define a matching of_iounmap() interface, even if for
now it is exactly iounmap()

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