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    SubjectRe: Updated direct IO optimization patchkit v2
    Andi Kleen <> writes:

    > Various micro optimizations of the block direct IO path.
    > This addresses all review comments and adds an additional prefetch
    > optimization that gives another about 0.3% in a large macro benchmark.
    > Overall the patchkit is worht about 2.2% in the same macro benchmark.
    > I also ported it to current mainline, resolving some conflicts with
    > hch's recent changes to direct-io.

    Hi, Andi,

    If you get rid of the unlikely I pointed out in patch 11 and address my
    question on patch 6 (about always_inline) and repost, I'll ack the
    series. I was hoping hch or Jens would chime in on patch 10, but it
    seems they're busy.


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