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    Subject[patch v5 resending 0/8] Add slicing-by-8 to crc32
    Resending the patch series by hand. I have been having a lot of problems
    trying to
    Figure out how to make quilt and thunderbird play together. Please let me
    Know of this one is better. I have never been able to get quilt to
    Make a mbox that my thunderbird likes but Frank has been able to do it.
    The last time I imported a mbox into thunderbird as Unsent Messages and then
    Edited each note and typed send but for some reason there was a lot of
    This time I just used the external editor to read in each patch from the
    Directory one a time.

    [G.S.] Sorry but I managed to leave you off the list. They are out there in
    case you
    Don't subscribe to the whole list.

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    >] On Behalf Of Bob Pearson
    > Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2011 5:43 PM
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    > Subject: [patch v5 0/8] Add slicing-by-8 to crc32
    > Changes for v5 (and hopefully last version)
    > - added expanded version of document
    > - added pointers to replace 2D table
    > references inside of loops
    > Signed-off-by: Bob Pearson <>
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