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    SubjectRe: usb kernel panic/oops: schedule+ehci_irq+0x266/0x830

    On Wed, 6 Jul 2011, Alan Stern wrote:

    > On Tue, 5 Jul 2011, Justin Piszcz wrote:
    > You need to enable CONFIG_FRAME_POINTER; without that it is difficult
    > to interpret the stack dump. Also you should collect more than a
    > single screen's worth of information, say by using a serial console or
    > netconsole.
    Done, I'll update when I have a new crash, thank you for the suggestion!

    >> Is this a valid kernel bug?
    > What's the difference between a "valid" kernel bug and an "invalid"
    > kernel bug? :-)
    I was wondering if it could be HW related, even though I cannot seem to find
    any HW fault. Example, I attached 30+ USB devices as a test, R/W on all of
    the flash and hard drives, no problems, this seems to occur spuriously when
    little or no activity is occurring, hopefully w/FRAME POINTERS we will
    get something useful next time.

    > Yes, clearly it is a bug in the kernel.
    > This could any of a number of things. More information is needed.
    > If the problem is easily reproducible, you can use git bisect to pin
    > down the commit responsible for exposing the bug.
    I wish it was, I tried above (30+ USB devices) no crash, its more or less
    random, will wait for next crash and upadte then.

    Thanks for the response.


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