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SubjectRe: [PATCH 02/12] Input: synaptics - do not invert y if 0
On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 2:07 AM, Henrik Rydberg <> wrote:
>> > > In some cases, however, y = 0 is sent by the touchpad.
>> > > In these cases, the kernel driver should not invert, and just report 0.
>> > >
>> > > This patch also refactors the inversion into a macro, and moves it
>> > > into packet processing instead of during position reporting.
>> >
>> > The patch seems to invert the current output?
>> By 'current' do you mean referenced from the previous implementation?
>> Or referenced from the raw input.
>> It does indeed invert the raw input.
>> This is the same as the previous implementation did.
>> The difference is that it does not also invert the special 'y=0' into
>> an arbitrarily large value.
>> Is this your concern?
> It would be clearer to just change the argument of the
> input_report_abs() instances, would it not? An explanation why zero,
> outside the value range, should be output also needs a rationale. It
> would seem such packets should be masked somehow.

Actually, I think it is clearer to change all the y's in one function,
during parsing, rather than scattered about in various output

I'm sorry, I think I was misleading in my commit message. This change
doesn't affect how packets get masked. The y=0 is not handled
differently now that it is no longer inverted. If it wasn't sent to
userspace before, it still won't be sent.

The older inverted y=0 was also, by definition, out of range, so
hopefully those packets are masked, and continue to be masked. Not
inverting y=0 just makes it a bit easier to debug the driver, by
slightly more accurately parsing the incoming raw data.

> Thanks,
> Henrik

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