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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] 3.0-rt6

2011/7/30 Remy Bohmer <>:
>> Please keep on testing and sending patches. Peter Zijlstra kindly
>> volunteered to cover for me. He'll pick up stuff and eventually push
>> out releases when a reasonable number of sane patches hits his inbox.
> I got rt5 booting yesterday on a ARM core (Atmel AT91):
> * LCD driver broken, booting stops during initialising driver (seems
> to be broken in mainstream too)

Still need to debug this one.

> * Strange issue with finding files in a directory. (currently checking
> if it is RT-patch related.)

It seems that the busybox (v1.17.1) mount for loopback devices is
broken on linux-3.0. The util-linux-ng mount still works.
This is NOT a RT-patch issue.

> * Furthermore, the board feels slow... Can be perception only, need to
> check it out...

This seems to be caused by the fact that the IRQ-thread of the
ttyS0/dbgu usart is running in thread context now.
Previously it was shared with the timer interrupt and as such running
in hard-irq context. It therefor felt faster.
The debug usart now frequently misses some characters, since it only
has a 1 byte 'fifo' and the interrupt handler thread cannot keep up
with the 115200 baudrate on this board. (at91sam9261ek). The
atmel-serial driver needs an update to use threaded interrupts, and
read the fifo in hard-irq context. Maybe I pick this one up as well.

> * The patch (
> that solved the problem at is no
> longer part of the RT-patch. I Need to test if it is still needed...

Not tested yet.

Furthermore, I built a patch to add a sched_clock implementation for
the TC-based clocksource driver since the default jiffies based
sched_clock stopped running for some reason during boot. (jiffies do
not seem to be properly updated)
This patch conflicts with the RT-patch since the RT-patch touches the
same files. Should it go to mainline directly, or go via the RT-tree
first? (I will post the patch tomorrow)

Kind regards,


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