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SubjectLPC2011 Power Management Micro Conf

Some time ago I sent the following to linux-pm and wasn't really satisfied
with the response, so here it goes again. It is slightly outdated, because
we've already started to plan a PM meeting at the Kernel Summit, but I hope
some of you will be able to participate in the LPC PM Mini Conf too.

In the previous years we used to organize Power Management Mini Summits to
discuss PM-related issues, the last of which took place during LinuxCon in
Boston in 2010. Unfortunately, however, it wasn't particularly well attended
and some of the participants generally felt that it had failed its purpose.
The power management track at the last LPC, on the other hand, was generally
regarded as interesting and successful, so there only seems to be room for
one event devoted to power management a year. For this reason, there won't
be a PM Mini Summit in 2011 and the LPC PM Mini Conference will play the role
of it. To this end, in addition to the plenary sessions within the LPC PM
track there will be a possibility to discuss specific problems related to
power management in smaller groups.

If there's anything you'd like to discuss or give a presentation on related to
Power Management, please let me know, preferably by replying to this message.

We have 1.5 hours allocated in the LPC schedule for the plenary session, but
we will be able to move to another room (or a number of rooms if that's more
suitable) afterwards to discuss things in detail.

At the moment, there are two items proposed for the plenary session. One of
them will cover the power management development during the last year, but in
that context I also would like things that are still missing and problems to
solve to be mentioned, so please tell me what they are from your point of view.
The second one will cover the idle power consumption problem and will be led
by Len Brown. Len has a lot of experience in that area, but mostly with systems
based on Intel hardware, so if you want to contribute your own observations
and/or results related to idle power, please let me know.

Anyway, if you are going to attend the LPC and have anything PM-related to
talk about or discuss, please let me know.

Best regards,

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