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SubjectRe: Linux 3.0-rc5 doesnt boot and hangs at rcu_sched_state ()
On środa, 29 czerwca 2011 o 15:26:35 RKK wrote:
> Hello,
> I tried booting Linux3.0.rc5 on my machine today but everytime it
> hangs after this message
> a)starting configure read only root support
> after this waiting for sometime then this message appears
> b)INFO rcu_sched_state: RCU stalls CPU/disks
> i tried to read the Documentation/RCU and enable CONFIG_RCU_TRACE but
> dint know how to proceed further .
> i tried repeating this 4-5 times , one thing i observed that is
> appearance of rcu_sched_state is intermittent but everytime the boot
> stops/hangs at a) message .
> the same config works on .
> im using Fedora 15 and im attaching config file for reference . If u
> want any other info in which i can help let me know how to do it.
> thanks.

I created a Bugzilla entry at
for your bug report, please add your address to the CC list in there, thanks!

Maciej Rutecki
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