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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] kernel: escape non-ASCII and control characters in printk()
> Also, the problem with CSI code is still here.  It cannot be filtered
> because it is a valid byte inside of UTF-8 character. For a console
> with IUTF bit set all dangerous characters are filtered, but for the
> rest they are not. As at the stage of vscnprintf the presence of IUTF
> bit is not clear, users of non-IUTF console should still use "| less" or
> similar. Obviously, \n is filtered for all consoles.

This is why the filter pattern has to come from the console. Your patch
also for example doesn't fix anything on a 7bit serial console.. only the
hardware driver really knows what the filter rules are.

Looks a very good starting point though, and the embedded \n's mostly
want fixing up anyway.

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