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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 03/25] dynamic_debug: use pr_debug instead of pr_info
    On Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 1:08 AM, Bart Van Assche <> wrote:
    > On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 11:42 PM, Jim Cromie <> wrote:
    >> Replace almost all occurrences of "if (verbose) pr_info()" with
    >> pr_debug(), and get full control of output at each callsite.
    >> Leave a few sites unaltered:
    >> 1st also uses pr_cont(), and theres no pr_debug_cont().
    >> 2nd is in ddebug_add_module(), which is called during arch_init,
    >> too early for callsite to be enabled when called.
    >> 3rd, pr_debug doesnt work in dynamic_debug_init(), its too early.
    >> Also move the print ddebug_setup_string prior to parsing, since
    >> afterwards it's been chopped up with '\0's, and only 1st word is seen.

    > Changing pr_info() into pr_debug() inside the dynamic_debug
    > implementation seems like a really bad idea to me. Such changes make
    > it hard to find out via source code reading whether or not there is a
    > risk that invoking one of these pr_debug() macros will cause infinite
    > recursion.
    > Bart.

    By inspection, all the pr_debug-ish code macros down to

    430int __dynamic_pr_debug(struct _ddebug *descriptor, const char *fmt, ...)
    432 va_list args

    which uses raw printk, KERN_DEBUG, KERN_CONT only.
    This is the "print-path" that Jason mentioned.

    IOW, this is more like "eating your own dogfood" than "eating your own tail"

    WRT earlier discussion (Joe, Jason):

    > I think these should be pr_debug.
    > I know you're only using the current style.
    > Jason, any reason these can not be converted?

    it should be ok, although we have to be careful not to use them in the
    printing path, since that will cause a recursion.

    Also, if there is an issue with the dynamic debug code, it makes it more
    of a pain to debug :)

    All conversions were to flag-management code
    The conversion was painless, and just worked,
    except for init code, where I used pr_info.

    wrt "pain to debug", Id suggest that "eating your own dogfood"
    provides an early test, especially when combined with following
    to enable the selftest at boot.

    ddebug_query="module dynamic_debug +p ; module dynamic_debug line
    815-940 =_"

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