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    SubjectRe: [PULL REQUEST] ext3, jbd, ext2, and quota fixes for 3.1-rc1
    On Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 11:14 AM, Jan Kara <> wrote:
    >  could you please pull from
    > git:// for_linus

    Ok, this clashed with the fsync mutex pushdown, and the whole addition
    of fixed tracepoints.

    Quite frankly, I think the fixed tracepoints are broken and make the
    code unreadable (why have them?) but I fixed it up.

    Somebody should really double-check the resolve. That's especially
    true since the whole i_mutex thing is *also* rather dubious. The
    comment that moved that down says:

    + /*
    + * Taking the mutex here just to keep consistent with how fsync was
    + * called previously, however it looks like we don't need to take
    + * i_mutex at all.
    + */

    but in fact it is *not* consistent with how fsync() used to be called,
    since we then drop the mutex *before* doing

    return ext3_force_commit(inode->i_sb);

    for the should_journal_data case.

    See commit 02c24a82187 ("fs: push i_mutex and filemap_write_and_wait
    down into ->fsync() handlers").

    I resolved it with the mutex still dropped early (especially since the
    comment implies it may not matter at all), but quite frankly,
    everything I did around that resolve made me go "that code is just
    WRONG". Both wrt the tracepoints and wrt the i_mutex.

    So I think my resolution is "correct" from a merge standpoint, but I
    think the code is total crap. I also wonder whether you can really do

    J_ASSERT(ext3_journal_current_handle() == NULL);

    without holding the i_mutex, so I moved that back down again.

    So I *really* want people to take a look at that ext3_sync_file()
    function. Please?

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