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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] Native Linux KVM tool for 3.1

* Alexander Graf <> wrote:

> On 25.07.2011, at 09:53, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> >
> > * Pekka Enberg <> wrote:
> >
> >> On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 2:12 AM, Jan Kiszka <> wrote:
> >>>
> >>> That said, I definitely appreciate the bug fixes as well as
> >>> code and documentation improvements for KVM that originate from
> >>> this effort! I'm just not convinced that writing a new userland
> >>> and merging it into the kernel is the most efficient way to
> >>> achieve that.
> >>
> >> Just to make this crystal clear for everyone: if it weren't for
> >> tools/kvm, I wouldn't be hacking on KVM at all. I've looked at
> >> Qemu in the past (and a lot recently!) and I simply don't see
> >> myself contributing to it, sorry. So 'most efficient' or not, I
> >> think tools/kvm is a net win for Linux and KVM in general.
> >
> > Same here - in fact i first asked Qemu to be put into tools/qemu/
> > so that it all becomes more hackable and more usable - that
> > suggestion was rebuked very strongly.
> So instead of thinking a bit and trying to realize that there might
> be a reason people don't want all their user space in the kernel
> tree you go ahead and start your own crusade of creating a new user
> space. Great. That's how I always hoped Linux would be :(.

Not "all their user space" but the ones that are tightly integrated
with the kernel to begin with. How hard is that concept to

Virtualization is very tightly bound to the kernel, like it or not.
So is profiling, power management and a few other things.

And when you do 'ls tools/' you'll see exactly those topics

earth5:~/tip> ls tools/
firewire kvm perf power slub testing usb virtio

[ In fact tools/virtio/ was merged upstream yesterday and putting
that code there was a good call IMO. ]

So just as there are good reasons to keep some user-space projects
out of the kernel tree (while i'd love to see a usable mail client
for Linux i dont think it belongs into tools/) there are similarly
good reasons to keep some of them in the kernel tree.

tools/kvm/ is an excellent example for that, just look at the code -
it shares code with the kernel, uses the kernel coding style, is in
significant part developed by kernel developers and it is being used
by kernel developers.

I wish there was a hackable tools/qemu/ base but there isnt and won't
be any. The thing i *can* do is to help create a hackable
virtualization tool.

> > So i wanted to have a lightweight tool that allows me to test KVM
> > and tools/kvm/ does that very nicely: i type './kvm run' and i
> > can test a native bzImage (which has some virtualization options
> > enabled as well) on the _host_ distro i am running, booting to a
> > text shell prompt.
> I do that all the time.
> $ qemu-kvm -nographic -kernel arch/x86/boot/bzImage -append console=ttyS0
> does the exact same thing. If that's too much typing for you, make
> it a bash alias.

This only boots the bzImage itself and panics when it would like to
hit user-space.

> > I can do that without downloading any (inevitably outdated)
> > virtualization images or maintaining my own ones. Maintaining
> > host userspace is more than enough for me.
> Who would need images? I usually only run -kernel and -initrd
> directly to test out things. Or if I really want to boot into a
> real system I do -snapshot /dev/sda.

that too panics here, while with tools/kvm/ i get to a prompt:

[root@aldebaran ~]# uptime
08:42:13 up 0 min, 0 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

But i agree with you that obviously Qemu (or my usage of parameters,
whichever is the problem) could be fixed to do this correctly.

> > So, since we already have the lguest tool in the kernel tree, why
> > cannot we have the much more capable tools/kvm/ in the tree?
> Lguest is in Documentation/ for a reason. It's not meant as a user
> space tool that you take as-is and use. It's meant for documenting
> how lguest works in general. I admit though, that that's also the
> reason people don't use it :).

There's an obvious contrast with the request to merge tools/kvm/ to
lguest (not brought up by me) and your description of lguest only
being for documentation purposes, not to be used really, etc.

I wanted to highlight this contrast, so if you thought we disagree
much about lguest i don't think we do.

> > So while it is the Qemu folks' right to oppose tools/qemu/, i
> > don't see why they are opposing tools/kvm/ ...
> In your logic, you would put all of the GNU utils into tools/. This
> is just plain insane. There's a reason we have the split between
> kernel and user space. What does putting them into the same tree
> bring you? Fame? Glorious stats on kernel commits? Seriously, it's
> a separate project. It's not the kernel.

Where did i claim that *all* user-space projects need to move into
the kernel tree? It's all case by case. Before you argue against a
position and ridicule it you need to understand it.



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