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    Subject[PATCH 00/10] lis3: various fixes and enhancements

    Here are a couple of patches from my backlog for the lis3. Since the
    move out of hwmon, I'm not entirely sure to who I should send the
    patches for the part which lies in driver/misc. Maybe Andrew can pick
    them, or should I send them directly to Linus?

    Patch 1 avoids crashes with a buggy hardware (which is actually seen in
    the wild). Patch 7 fixes a missing free(). The rest of the patches are
    more enhancements. Iilka had actually sent another patch, coming as
    number 11, to allow multiple devices at the same time. But Cascardo
    noticed that it can cause problems with the misc device, so I'm not
    including it. Iilka, maybe have you found a solution since then?


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