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    Subject[ANNOUNCE] 3.0-rt1
    Dear RT Folks,

    I'm pleased to announce the 3.0-rt1 release.

    Changes versus 3.0-rc7-rt0:

    * Update to Linus final 3.0 release

    * RTC bugfixes (scheduled for mainline/stable)

    * Long standing (rt only) timer_list bug (see
    timers-avoid-the-base-null-otptimization-on-rt.patch in the split
    out quilt queue)

    * Minor non exciting fixes all over the place

    Known issues:

    * Some weird "console=..." commandline + config dependent
    interactions which have been not yet investigated down to their
    root cause. Result in a boot hang. YMMV

    Patch against 3.0 can be found here:

    The split quilt queue is available at:



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