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    SubjectRe: large initramfs causes h/w reset after decompressing
    On 07/14/2011 09:06 AM, John Z. Bohach wrote:
    > I have a large initramfs cpio file, about 890 MB, which expands to 2.7
    > GB, and am running on linux-, in 64-bit mode with 8 GB of
    > physical RAM.
    > Upon loading the initramfs, I see the message "Decompressing..." for a
    > few seconds, and then comes a reset.
    > This question has come up there some sort of max size. that
    > I am exceeding? With 8 GB of physical memory and 64-bit arch.
    > (AMD-II), certainly seems that there should be enough memory, no?
    > Thanks...

    What bootloader are you using? There are some bootloaders which don't
    allocate the initramfs in a very good spot.


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