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    Subjectbest way to handle multi-line kernel messages
    a query was made on the rsyslog mailing list about the possibility of 
    rsyslog handling kernel messages better. Currently each line of logs is a
    separate log entry (and as log entries traverse networks there are thigns
    taht can cause them to get re-ordered). It would be nice to be able to
    combine multi-line logs into one log entry.

    The problem is figuring out how to tell when one log entry finishes and
    the next starts.

    From examining logs it looks like follow-up lines are frequently (but not
    always) indented with some form of whitespace (this indentation taking
    place after the timestamp if that's enabled)

    but this is not consistantly the case.

    I suspect that there is not currently any good way for something to really
    tell when one log entry has finished and another is starting, but I wanted
    to ask here if there is anything that I should be able to rely on (with
    the thought that fixing log messages that don't work that way coudl be
    somethign for -janitors or newbes to work on)

    or is this a completely hopeless task that people receiving logs should
    not even try to do?

    David Lang

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