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    SubjectRE: Regression caused by "Bluetooth: Map sec_level to link key requirements"
    Hi Keith, 

    >Patch 13d39315c22b128f4796fc008b04914a7c32bb1a is causing a
    >regression From 2.6.39. I cannot communicate with my Nokia
    >N900 using either the SyncML or DUN RFCOMM services. I get a
    >connection reset error shortly after startup.
    >I've reverted this patch on top of something past -rc2 (to be
    >precise, I'm branching from ef2398019b305827ea7130ebaf7bf521b444530e).
    >With the following fix-up to make things build again, my
    >bluetooth works again.

    Logs from kernel and bluez would be much appreciated to see what happend.
    As I remember this was pretty well tested with BITE test by Johan.


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