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    SubjectRe: immediately reboots/resets on EFI system
    On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 2:28 PM, Matthew Garrett <> wrote:
    > Boot services data includes everything that was allocated by the EFI
    > memory allocator. Depending on what the system decided to do before
    > deigning to run our code, that might be a meg - or it might be several
    > hundred. And in the process it's probably fragmented RAM into god knows
    > how many small chunks.

    In reality?

    Whatever. I really think our EFI support is just fundamnetally broken.
    We should do *everything* in the bootloader, and nothing at all in the
    kernel. IOW, I think doing the whole "SetVirtualAddrMap()" (or
    whatever) in the boot loader too, and just promise to neve rever call
    any EFI routines from the kernel.

    IOW, a sane EFI boot loader should just make things look like a
    regular BIOS, and not bother the kernel with the EFI crap.

    EFI was misdesigned. That doesn't mean that _we_ should then
    mis-design our support for it.


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