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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 9/9] x86-64: Add CONFIG_UNSAFE_VSYSCALLS to feature-removal-schedule

* Linus Torvalds <> wrote:

> We *definitely* don't want to name it in a way that makes some
> random person just turn it off because it's scary, since the random
> person *shouldn't* turn it off today. Comprende?

Agreed, and that's fixed now.

> And the annoying part about the whole patch series is how the whole
> re-sending has gone on forever. Just pick some approach, do it, and
> don't even bother making it a config option for now. If we can
> replace the vsyscall page with a page fault or int3 or whatever,
> and it's only used for the 'time()' system call, just do it.

Ok, we can certainly remove CONFIG_LEGACY_VTIME - that would further
simplify things!

I was unsure how big of a problem the time() slowdown was and the
config option was easy enough to provide. My preference would be to
just remove the config option and simplify the code - complexity is
the #1 enemy of security.

> The series is now extended with the cleanup patches so the end
> result looks reasonable, but why have the whole "first implement
> it, then clean it up" and sending it as a whole series. That's
> annoying. Just send the cleaned-up end result to begin with.

Do you think x86/vdso is worth rebasing at this stage? Right now it

feba7e97df8c: x86-64: Rename COMPAT_VSYSCALLS to LEGACY_VTIME and clarify documentation
7dc0452808b7: x86-64: Clean up vsyscall emulation and remove fixed-address ret
8d6316596441: x86-64: Fix outdated comments in vsyscall_64.c
1593843e2ada: x86-64, vsyscalls: Rename UNSAFE_VSYSCALLS to COMPAT_VSYSCALLS
764611c8dfb5: x86-64, vdso, seccomp: Fix !CONFIG_SECCOMP build
38172403a978: x86-64: Add CONFIG_UNSAFE_VSYSCALLS to feature-removal-schedule
d55ed1d30b82: x86-64: Emulate legacy vsyscalls
5dfcea629a08: x86-64: Fill unused parts of the vsyscall page with 0xcc
bb5fe2f78ead: x86-64: Remove vsyscall number 3 (venosys)
d319bb79afa4: x86-64: Map the HPET NX
0d7b8547fb67: x86-64: Remove kernel.vsyscall64 sysctl
9fd67b4ed071: x86-64: Give vvars their own page
8b4777a4b50c: x86-64: Document some of entry_64.S
6879eb2deed7: x86-64: Fix alignment of jiffies variable

it's reasonably tested by now. We'd keep about 80% of the commits
after the rebase.



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