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SubjectRe: [PATCH] spi: reorganize drivers
On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 3:00 AM, Arnd Bergmann <> wrote:
> On Sunday 05 June 2011, Grant Likely wrote:
>>  rename drivers/spi/{omap2_mcspi.c => spi_omap2_mcspi.c} (100%)
>>  rename drivers/spi/{omap_spi_100k.c => spi_omap_100k.c} (100%)
>>  rename drivers/spi/{omap_uwire.c => spi_omap_uwire.c} (100%)
>>  rename drivers/spi/{orion_spi.c => spi_orion.c} (100%)
>>  rename drivers/spi/{amba-pl022.c => spi_pl022.c} (100%)
>>  rename drivers/spi/{pxa2xx_spi.c => spi_pxa2xx.c} (100%)
>>  rename drivers/spi/{pxa2xx_spi_pci.c => spi_pxa2xx_pci.c} (100%)
>>  rename drivers/spi/{ti-ssp-spi.c => spi_ti_ssp.c} (100%)
>>  rename drivers/spi/{tle62x0.c => spi_tle62x0.c} (100%)
>>  rename drivers/spi/{xilinx_spi.c => spi_xilinx.c} (100%)
> I recently looked at the directory structure in drivers/ and found a lot
> of bus drivers with very few files, plus a few bus drivers with a lot
> of files in them besides directories for non-bus specific subsystems.
> I think it would be good to move them into a deeper directory drivers/bus/
> if we have support from the maintainers, and it's probably better if we
> only have to move the files once to reduce the amount of churn on the
> MAINTAINERS file and any out of tree patches.

I had this thought too when I was looking at reorganizing the gpio and
spi directories, but ultimately I came to the conclusion that it
didn't really make much sense to move them. Bus drivers are just
another kind of device driver. In general, the organization of having
a directory (like spi or i2c) containing both the common bus
infrastructure and a set of drivers using it, and this isn't even
unlike what we do for non-bus drivers. I don't see much need to move

However, there are a number of bus types that have infrastructure, but
no actual drivers associated with them, like mca, amba and clk. It
might make sense to move those bus types into drivers/base alongside
the platform_bus_type implementation.

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