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SubjectRe: [debug patch] printk: Add a printk killswitch to robustify NMI watchdog messages

* Arne Jansen <> wrote:

> > hm, it's hard to interpret that without the spin_lock()/unlock()
> > logic keeping the dumps apart.
> The locking was in place from the beginning. [...]

Ok, i was surprised it looked relatively ordered :-)

> [...] As the output is still scrambled, there are other sources for
> BUG/WARN outside the watchdog that trigger in parallel. Maybe we
> should protect the whole BUG/WARN mechanism with a lock and send it
> to early_printk from the beginning, so we don't have to wait for
> the watchdog to kill printk off and the first BUG can come through.
> Or just let WARN/BUG kill off printk instead of the watchdog
> (though I have to get rid of that syslog-WARN on startup).

I had yet another look at your lockup.txt and i think the main cause
is the WARN_ON() caused by the not-held pi_lock. The lockup there
causes other CPUs to wedge in printk, which triggers spinlock-lockup
messages there.

So i think the primary trigger is the pi_lock WARN_ON() (as your
bisection has confirmed that too), everything else comes from this.

Unfortunately i don't think we can really 'fix' the problem by
removing the assert. By all means the assert is correct: pi_lock
should be held there. If we are not holding it then we likely won't
crash in an easily visible way - it's a lot easier to trigger asserts
than to trigger obscure side-effects of locking bugs.

It is also a mystery why only printk() triggers this bug. The wakeup
done there is not particularly special, so by all means we should
have seen similar lockups elsewhere as well - not just with
printk()s. Yet we are not seeing them.

So some essential piece of the puzzle is still missing.



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