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Subject[PATCH] tentative fix for radeon on systems >4GB without hardware iommu
 On my x86_64 system with >4GB of ram and swiotlb instead of
a hardware iommu (because I have a VIA chipset), the call
to pci_set_dma_mask (see below) with 40bits returns an error.

But it seems that the radeon driver is designed to have
need_dma32 = true exactly if pci_set_dma_mask is called
with 32 bits and false if it is called with 40 bits.

I have read somewhere that the default are 32 bits. So if the
call fails I suppose that need_dma32 should be set to true.

And indeed the patch fixes the problem I have had before
and which I had described here:,106131,115940

linux-2.6.39-gentoo/drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon_device.c.old 2011-06-03
19:11:33.208891994 +0200
linux-2.6.39-gentoo/drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon_device.c 2011-06-03
19:21:10.240337986 +0200
@@ -752,6 +752,7 @@ int radeon_device_init(struct radeon_dev
dma_bits = rdev->need_dma32 ? 32 : 40;
r = pci_set_dma_mask(rdev->pdev, DMA_BIT_MASK(dma_bits));
if (r) {
+ rdev->need_dma32 = true;
printk(KERN_WARNING "radeon: No suitable DMA available.\n");

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