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    SubjectRe: missing compat-ioctl for CDROM_DRIVE_STATUS + FDGETPRM
    On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 02:30:42PM +0200, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
    > On Wednesday 29 June 2011, Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
    > > Sorry for very slow reply. I think qemu's use of these ioctls
    > > to probe if the device is a cdrom or floppy is valid, so instead
    > > of adding a stat() call to check for block device in qemu, I think
    > > it is better to silence the warning in the kernel.
    > Well, correct or not, it will keep causing annoying messages on
    > old kernels, so why not do both?

    OK, I'll send a patch for qemu, too.

    > > Do I get it right that just adding two IGNORE_IOCTL() to
    > > the ioctl_pointer array in linux/fs/compat_ioctl.c is sufficient,
    > > like in commit 3f001711?
    > Yes.
    > > I.e. these ioctls are handled for block devices earlier
    > > in compat_sys_ioctl()?
    > Right. We always first ask the driver, and then search the lookup table
    > when the driver does not know how to handle it in compat mode.

    Good, I'll send a patch soon.


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