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SubjectRe: [PATCH 03/29] gma500: Ensure the frame buffer has a linear virtual mapping
> Any ideas?
> Is there drm changes in linux-next for this driver that I don't have?
> If so, maybe we need to just start sending these patches through that tree?

Not DRM - looks like more sem-random treewide damage in -next tht has yet
again not gone via the maintainers of subsystems.



Can you drop the bits you have merged and I'll send you a new set (which
will instead break the stuff Jiri has in his tree and he can fix it up)

Really though this sort of treewide trivial has to stop, its costing tons
of time and delays in real work. It should all be going via maintainers
of subsystems but clearly Jiri is letting stuff through that isn't
trivial but is in fact nuisance.


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