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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] futex: Fix regression with read only mappings
>> commit 7485d0d3758e8e6491a5c9468114e74dc050785d (futexes: Remove rw
>> parameter from get_futex_key()) in 2.6.33 introduced a user-mode
>> regression in that it additionally prevented futex operations on a
>> region within a read only memory mapped file.  For example this breaks
>> workloads that have one or more reader processes doing a FUTEX_WAIT on a
>> futex within a read only shared mapping, and a writer processes that has
>> a writable mapping issuing the FUTEX_WAKE.
>> This fixes the regression for futex operations that should be valid on
>> RO mappings by trying a RO get_user_pages_fast() when the RW
>> get_user_pages_fast() fails so as not to slow down the common path of
>> writable anonymous maps and bailing when we used the RO path on
>> anonymous memory.
> The goal here is to bail with EFAULT when we use a RO MAP_PRIVATE
> mapping on file-backed memory correct?

The problem is, mapping knowledge is contained vma and it's required mma_sem
(ie performance hurt). Therefore we have only three ways, maybe.

1) always take mmap_sem and walk vma, likes 2.6.18. (cons. slow)
2) prefault, likes current linus-tree. (cons don't work RO mappings)
3) combination prefault and mmap_sem. likes my previous post.

In other words, you hope to care RO private mapping thing, you can't avoid
mmap_sem anymore. unfortunatelly. So, we have to select either cons.

> Final concern:
> Are shared memory segments (shmget, etc.) considered "file backed?

It's another corner case. It similar with shared file mapping, but,

PageSwapBacked(page) => 1
PageAnon(page) => 0

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