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SubjectRe: [PATCH 7/10 v2] Generic Watchdog Timer Driver
Hi All,

> > > This is another tricky thing were developers will always discuss about.
> > > What you don't want to happen is that the watchdog reboots your system when it does
> > > an fsck at bootup (for instance because the system rebooted by the watchdog and left
> > > the filesystem in a dirty state...).
> > >
> > > So it's more complex if you look at the overal system...
> >
> > Sure, but that's got little to do with wanting a kernel parameter to OPTIONALLY
> > enable a hardware watchdog timer at boot.
> >
> > Filesystem checks are a separate issue, easily worked around in practice.
> I agree, it's nice to give system integrators the option to enable the watchdog
> very early, the problems that Wim mentioned need to be solved in user space
> but are not a serious limitation.

I'm definitely not against it and I am sure that we all agree that this is a valid
option for some drivers (certainly in embedded environments). But for me it has to
stay an option.
FYI: We allready have one driver that does this: w83697hf_wdt.c See commit

Kind regards,

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