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Subject[PATCH 00/37] Remove unneeded version.h includes (and add where needed).
This patch series fixes up all reports of unneeded or missing 
linux/version.h includes reported by 'make versioncheck'.

I've manually inspected each file changed and also done build tests of
'allnoconfig', 'allmodconfig' and 'allyesconfig' on x86-64 with these
patches and have encountered no problems.

All patches are against Linus' tree as of a few hours ago and I've tried
to split the series sensibly by subdirectory and/or maintainer.

Please consider applying them and let me know if there are any issues that
need to be worked out.
All patches will be submitted as replies to this mail with additional
relevant people Cc'ed on each specific patch.

Thank you in advance.

Jesper Juhl <>
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