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SubjectRe: [PATCH 08/10] NOTIFIER: Take over TIF_MCE_NOTIFY and implement task return notifier
On 06/14/2011 07:59 PM, Luck, Tony wrote:
> >I don't think that doing anything to the task is correct, though, as the
> >problem is with the page, not the task itself. In fact if the task is
> >executing a vgather instruction, or if another thread munmap()s the
> >page, it may not hit the same page again when re-executed.
> True the memory is the source of the problem - but the task is
> intimately affected. Time for a car analogy :-) ...
> You are driving along the road when you notice a giant hole. You
> hit the brakes and stop on the very edge. The problem is with the
> road, not with your car. But I don't think you want to start driving
> again (at least not in the forward direction!)

No argument, the current task has to be preempted. But a complete
solution needs to prevent other tasks as well.

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