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SubjectRe: [PATCH 6 of 6] x86, UV: correct UV2 BAU destination timeout

* Cliff Wickman <> wrote:

> From: Cliff Wickman <>
> Correct the UV2 broacast assist unit's destination timeout period.
> The period is set in 4 bits of memory-mapped register MISC_CONTROL.
> The left bit toggles base period between 10us and 80us.
> The other 3 bits are the multiplier.
> Decimal 15, hex f, gives the maximum: 7 * 80us
> And the activation status register in UV2 should be tested for a destination
> timeout with a 4, not a 2. The values for Active versus Timeout were reversed.

This changelog tells us everything except what a user of this code
would be most interested in: what was the practical effect of the
bug, how badly does the user want the fix?



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