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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4 of 6] x86, UV: correct reset_with_ipi()

* Cliff Wickman <> wrote:

> From: Cliff Wickman <>
> Fix reset_with_ipi() to look up a cpu for a blade based on the
> distribution map being indexed by the potentially sparsely numbered pnode
> (relative to the partition base pnode). (It had been doing it based on
> 0-based, consecutive blade id.)

That's one fix.

> Rename 'hubmask' to 'pnmask' for clarity.

That's another one.

> And remove the stack-resident cpumask_t from reset_with_ipi() by allocating
> one per uvhub.

That's a third one.

Why isnt this done in three separate patches?


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