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SubjectRe: Kernel panic on HT machine - maybe i915 related?
wzab wrote:

> Hi,
> I tried to find the source of the problem I experience, supposing, that
> it may affect also other users of machine with Hyper-Threaded CPU.
> [...]

Hi wzab et al,

only today I have started to use a spare machine at work, with a hyperthreaded
CPU (P4 3.2GHz). I also experience random kernel panics with and
SMP/HT enabled. The machine usually runs for a couple of hours before the
panic occurs.

> Crash seems to happen in random places:
> [...]

Same here, although my panics look different from yours. In both cases I had a
lot of hardware interrupts on the stack trace but no kmemcheck. I only
remembered to take a photo with my mobile phone the second time. The stack
trace contains handle_*irq*, tg3, ata_bmdma, __ata_sff, i915, drm_vblank_put,
intel_thermal, try_preempt, resched*, drm_vblank_put, do_invalid_op, oops_end,
do_bounds, panic. The EIP is drm_vblank_put+0x13/0x50.

Could this be an i915 issue with At home I have two other machines
on i915 but with different chipsets that run fine with the same kernel.

> As crash occurs only with HT on and doesn't happen on another machine
> with 2 cores, it seems that maybe the problem is associated with
> incorrect allocation of resources or locking for HT enabled CPU...

I do not observe the issue with the regular non-SMP distro kernel, so
it might be HT related. Truth be told I need to investigate further since my kernel is patched. In the meantime, if someone recognizes the issue
please come forward.

Thanks and regards,


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