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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] Native Linux KVM tool v2
On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 7:30 PM, Avi Kivity <> wrote:
> On 06/15/2011 06:53 PM, Pekka Enberg wrote:
>> - Fast QCOW2 image read-write support beating Qemu in fio benchmarks. See
>> the
>>   following URL for test result details:
> This is surprising.  How is qemu invoked?

Prasad will have the details. Please note that the above are with Qemu
defaults which doesn't use virtio. The results with virtio are little
better but still in favor of tools/kvm.

> btw the dump above is a little hard to interpret.

It's what fio reports. The relevant bits are:


Run status group 0 (all jobs):
READ: io=204800KB, aggrb=61152KB/s, minb=15655KB/s, maxb=17845KB/s,
mint=2938msec, maxt=3349msec
WRITE: io=68544KB, aggrb=28045KB/s, minb=6831KB/s, maxb=7858KB/s,
mint=2292msec, maxt=2444msec

Run status group 1 (all jobs):
READ: io=204800KB, aggrb=61779KB/s, minb=15815KB/s, maxb=17189KB/s,
mint=3050msec, maxt=3315msec
WRITE: io=66576KB, aggrb=24165KB/s, minb=6205KB/s, maxb=7166KB/s,
mint=2485msec, maxt=2755msec

Run status group 2 (all jobs):
READ: io=204800KB, aggrb=6722KB/s, minb=1720KB/s, maxb=1737KB/s,
mint=30178msec, maxt=30467msec
WRITE: io=65424KB, aggrb=2156KB/s, minb=550KB/s, maxb=573KB/s,
mint=29682msec, maxt=30342msec

Run status group 3 (all jobs):
READ: io=204800KB, aggrb=6994KB/s, minb=1790KB/s, maxb=1834KB/s,
mint=28574msec, maxt=29279msec
WRITE: io=68192KB, aggrb=2382KB/s, minb=548KB/s, maxb=740KB/s,
mint=27121msec, maxt=28625msec

Disk stats (read/write):
sdb: ios=60583/6652, merge=0/164, ticks=156340/672030,
in_queue=828230, util=82.71%


Run status group 0 (all jobs):
READ: io=204800KB, aggrb=149162KB/s, minb=38185KB/s,
maxb=46030KB/s, mint=1139msec, maxt=1373msec
WRITE: io=70528KB, aggrb=79156KB/s, minb=18903KB/s, maxb=23726KB/s,
mint=804msec, maxt=891msec

Run status group 1 (all jobs):
READ: io=204800KB, aggrb=188235KB/s, minb=48188KB/s,
maxb=57932KB/s, mint=905msec, maxt=1088msec
WRITE: io=64464KB, aggrb=84821KB/s, minb=21751KB/s, maxb=27392KB/s,
mint=570msec, maxt=760msec

Run status group 2 (all jobs):
READ: io=204800KB, aggrb=20005KB/s, minb=5121KB/s, maxb=5333KB/s,
mint=9830msec, maxt=10237msec
WRITE: io=66624KB, aggrb=6615KB/s, minb=1671KB/s, maxb=1781KB/s,
mint=9558msec, maxt=10071msec

Run status group 3 (all jobs):
READ: io=204800KB, aggrb=66149KB/s, minb=16934KB/s, maxb=17936KB/s,
mint=2923msec, maxt=3096msec
WRITE: io=69600KB, aggrb=26717KB/s, minb=6595KB/s, maxb=7342KB/s,
mint=2530msec, maxt=2605msec

Disk stats (read/write):
vdb: ios=61002/6654, merge=0/183, ticks=27270/205780,
in_queue=232220, util=69.46%
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