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SubjectRe: sdhci-pci fails on 3.0.0-rc1 on Dell E6510
On 15.06.2011 18:54, Ram Pai wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 06:40:35PM +0200, Oliver Hartkopp wrote:
>> On 12.06.2011 22:44, Ram Pai wrote:

>>> Looks like the kernel; by default, tries to allocate mem resource of size
>>> 0x4000000 each to the BARs of the cardbus bridge. This cannot be satisfied
>>> meeting all the constraints. The BIOS had not allocated the resource to
>>> begin with.
>>> Anyone knows if the default value can be reduced to something smaller?
>>> Or Should the resource requirements of cardbus bridge be made nice-to-have?
>> Don't know ...
>> Is anyone already working on this issue?
>> I'm currently running 3.0.0-rc3-00055-gada9c93 which still does not work.
>> Will say: 'Send more patches!' ... that i can test, if you still like the
>> problematic commit's idea ;-)
> Oliver,
> Yes. I am working on this. I will send you a patch soon; probably by
> the end of this week. See if they work for you.
> Currently my thought is to make cardbus-bridge resource allocation
> nice-to-have, which means it will be attempted to allocate. But if in case of
> failures, we wont go the full length of releasing other resources to satisfy
> this resource.

Thanks for your fast feedback. I'm looking forward to help you.

Best regards,

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