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Subject[PATCH 0/8 v2] x86, UV: fixes to tlb shootdown
From: Cliff Wickman <>

Version 1 was a series of 6 patches, submitted Jun14 2011.

Version 2 of this series:
- Adds more explanation to "UV: smp_processor_id in a preemptable region"
- Splits "UV: correct reset_with_ipi()" into its 3 logical changes
- Adds statement of importance to "UV: correct UV2 BAU destination timeout"

[PATCH 1/8 v2] x86, UV: smp_processor_id in a preemptable region
[PATCH 2/8 v2] x86, UV: inline header file functions
[PATCH 3/8 v2] x86, UV: allow for non-consecutive sockets
[PATCH 4/8 v2] x86, UV: correct reset_with_ipi()
[PATCH 5/8 v2] x86, UV: rename hubmask to pnmask
[PATCH 6/8 v2] x86, UV: remove cpumask_t from the stack
[PATCH 7/8 v2] x86, UV: correct failed topology memory leak
[PATCH 8/8 v2] x86, UV: correct UV2 BAU destination timeout

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