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SubjectRe: [PATCH -tip v4 0/7] perf: Introduce branch sub commands
(2011/05/31 0:26), David Ahern wrote:
> On 05/30/2011 07:31 AM, Akihiro Nagai wrote:
>>> The sample address can be converted to symbols and the output can be
>>> added to perf-script rather easily. Attached is an example. I was going
>>> to submit it back in April and got distracted. I'll rebase, move the
>>> addr->sym conversion to a function and submit later today.
>> OK.
>> I agreed with implementing it on perf script.
>> I'd like to try it.
> Updated patch. It applies on top of:
It looks good.

> Hopefully for BTS you only have to change the sample_addr_correlates_sym
> function.
I'd like to enhance perf-script like this:

# perf script -f ip,addr,comm,sym,dso

output format is:
<comm> <ip> <sym_ip> <dso_ip> <addr> <sym_addr> <dso_addr>

actual output sample is:
ls 0xffffffff81460b92 common_interrupt /lib/modules/3.0/build/vmlinux 0x0000003e9b000b20 _start /lib64/
ls 0x0000003e9b000b23 _start /lib64/ 0x0000003e9b004540 _dl_start /lib64/

By specifying 'ip' and 'addr' together, perf-script resolves
symbol and dso's path about both of 'ip' and 'addr'.

> I still need to look into out why some of the addresses for page-faults
> are not resolving to symbols.
I'd like to improve it referring perf branch's source codes.

Thank you.

> David

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