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SubjectRe: [PATCH] sched: remove resetting exec_start in put_prev_task_rt()
On Fri, 2011-06-10 at 22:48 +0800, Hillf Danton wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 8:34 PM, Steven Rostedt <> wrote:

> Resetting exec_start to zero has no negative functionality in RT scheduling,
> as shown by Yong.
> After put_prev_task() is called in schedule(),
> put_prev_task(rq, prev);
> next = pick_next_task(rq);
> clear_tsk_need_resched(prev);
> next is picked. Lets assume that next is not prev, and prev is still on RQ,
> then prev's sched_class is changed to CFS while it is waiting on RQ.
> After sched_class switch, prev is under CFS charge, and the exec_start field
> could be taken into other games.
> In task_hot(), called when migrating task, zeroed exec_start is trapped as
> the following.

How could any of that happen? This is all done under the rq->lock.
prev's sched class can not change at this time. Everything you stated is
protected by the rq->lock. I don't see any race conditions here.

-- Steve

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