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SubjectRe: Zero bugs (was Re: (Short?) merge window reminder)

I wrote two responses, which eventually allowed me to boil it down to
one sentence: You can do anything you want in addition to perfection
(i.e. zero bugs).

Long answer:
I was baptized into the zero bugs religion about 20 years ago. This
was before the web and time-based releases, but these only add
complications, and are yet compatible with zero bugs all the time. As
a beginner, you can cheat such as zero bugs older than 6 months / 2
releases, or give yourself 1,000. Over time, you can pick new goals
and improve your numbers. Reaching enlightenment may require multiple
steps. You don't have to meet your goals, but you will become better
for trying.

Like other religions, zero bugs requires faith and diligence, but
provides benefits at the end. In this religion, members spend regular
time reading their bible / bug list. They find it a useful source of
knowledge on how they can make themselves and the world better today.
It also allowed them to figure out when they had too much work or
needed help, and when they were done with their duties and could rest.
Many will tell you that the more time they spend with their bible, the
better it becomes. It is also a source of Numbers that the wise men
would scratch their heads over.

I have been watching your bug count for years and I realize now that
you have the benefits of the religion, but not the faith and habits.
When zero becomes an additional goal, the codebase will get better
faster, and eventually the people happier. You may want better tools
or release managers. It can also involve seeking a priest who can
answer any questions of faith. I am not even ordained, but there are
others. When your belief is tested, it can help to think of Knuth,
Boeing, Debian, etc. It may be efficient to perform a mass exorcism /
conversion. Please repent you amazing heathens.

Zero bugs is like biking: I wouldn't try if weren't a goal, and I
didn't believe it would be beneficial. I would have gone biking today
but I had to get drunk to have the courage to send this. Mission
accomplished & go Barcelona FC.

I apologize if my mails come off as 0bvious rants, etc. I am in awe of
what already exists, so part of me wants to be quiet rather than risk
pissing off people that I write about and who inspire me. However,
I've decided to share my work also, to speed the fun along. You can
thank me later ;-)

So, cheers. Happy to be here for the start of Linux 3.

Kind regards,


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