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SubjectRe: [026/146] block: dont block events on excl write for non-optical
Hello, Greg.

On Wed, Jun 01, 2011 at 04:59:22PM +0900, Greg KH wrote:
> 2.6.38-stable review patch. If anyone has any objections, please let us know.
> ------------------
> devices
> From: Tejun Heo <>
> commit d4dc210f69bcb0b4bef5a83b1c323817be89bad1 upstream.
> Disk event code automatically blocks events on excl write. This is
> primarily to avoid issuing polling commands while burning is in
> progress. This behavior doesn't fit other types of devices with
> removeable media where polling commands don't have adverse side
> effects and door locking usually doesn't exist.
> This patch introduces new genhd flag which controls the auto-blocking
> behavior and uses it to enable auto-blocking only on optical devices.
> Note for stable: 2.6.38 and later only

This one should be accompanied by the following commit which is
currently in Jens' tree and will soon be pulled into Linus' tree.
Sorry about the fuss. ->check_events() update turned out to be much
more fragile than I originally expected. :(

commit 4c49ff3fe128ca68dabd07537415c419ad7f82f9
Author: Tejun Heo <>
Date: Wed Jun 1 08:27:41 2011 +0200

block: blkdev_get() should access ->bd_disk only after success

Thank you.


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