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Subject[PATCH 000/206] Staging: hv: Cleanup hv drivers
This patch-set deals with some of the architectural isues in all of
the Hyper-V drivers. Specifically:

1) Fixes a number of locking issues in the block driver.

2) Eliminates all the indirection through the hv_driver

3) Simplifies the code across the board eliminating
unnecessary code and data structure layering. Prior to
this restructuring there were about 11,000 lines of code
in the hv directory. After this cleanup, there are about
8500 lines of code.

4) I have dealt with style and naming issues across all the drivers.

5) All the header files have been cleaned up and consolidated:
1) A single header file include/linux/hyperv.h. This file
is to be included in all the drivers that attach to the

2) A single header file that has all the defines for building
the vmbus driver.
3) Consolidate header files for each device class -
disk and net.


K. Y

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