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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] tmpfs: fix race between umount and writepage
    Hugh Dickins wrote:
    > On Sat, 7 May 2011, Konstantin Khlebnikov wrote:
    >> Hugh Dickins wrote:
    >>> Here's the patch I was testing last night, but I do want to test it
    >>> some more (I've not even tried your unmounting case yet), and I do want
    >>> to make some changes to it (some comments, and see if I can move the
    >>> mem_cgroup_cache_charge outside of the mutex, making it GFP_KERNEL
    >>> rather than GFP_NOFS - at the time that mem_cgroup charging went in,
    >>> we did not know here if it was actually a shmem swap page, whereas
    >>> nowadays we can be sure, since that's noted in the swap_map).
    >>> In shmem_unuse_inode I'm widening the shmem_swaplist_mutex to protect
    >>> against shmem_evict_inode; and in shmem_writepage adding to the list
    >>> earlier, while holding lock on page still in pagecache to protect it.
    >>> But testing last night showed corruption on this laptop (no problem
    >>> on other machines): I'm guessing it's unrelated, but I can't be sure
    >>> of that without more extended testing.
    >> This patch fixed my problem, I didn't catch any crashes on my test-case:
    >> swapout-unmount.
    > Thank you, Konstantin, for testing that and reporting back.
    > I tried using your script on Thursday, but couldn't get the tuning right
    > for this machine: with numbers too big everything would go OOM, with
    > numbers too small it wouldn't even go to swap, with numbers on the edge
    > it would soon settle into a steady state with almost nothing in swap.
    > Just once, without the patch, I did get to "Self-destruct in 5 seconds",
    > but that was not reproducible enough for me to test that the patch would
    > be fixing anything.
    > I was going to try today on other machines with more cpus and more memory,
    > though not as much as yours; but now I'll let your report save me the time,
    > and just add your Tested-by. Big thank you for that!
    > Besides adding comments, I have changed the patch around since then, at
    > the shmem_unuse_inode end: to avoid any memory allocation while holding
    > the mutex (and then we no longer need to drop and retake info->lock,
    > so it gets a little simpler). It would be dishonest of me to claim your
    > Tested-by for the changed code (and your mount/write/umount loop would
    > not have been testing swapoff): since it is an independent fix with a
    > different justification, I'll split that part off into a 2/3.

    Ok, I can test final patch-set on the next week.
    Also I can try to add some swapoff test-cases.

    > 3/3 being the fix to the "corruption" I noticed while testing, corruption
    > being on the filesystem I had on /dev/loop0, over a tmpfs file filling its
    > filesystem: when I wrote, I'd missed the "I/O" errors in /var/log/messages.
    > It was another case of a long-standing but largely theoretical race,
    > now made easily reproducible by recent changes (the preallocation in
    > between find_lock_page and taking info->lock): when the filesystem is
    > full, you could get ENOSPC from a race in bringing back a previously
    > allocated page from swap.
    > I'll write these three up now and send off to Andrew.
    > Hugh

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