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SubjectRe: iotop: khugepaged at 99.99% (2.6.38.X)
> Aaarg, wrong kernel tree. I patched and compiled
> Do you think it is important to stay with, after
> we know is also affected?

I bootet ("aa1" for the "make-it-worse-patch")
but nothing happened within an hour. So I put some stress
on the system:

$ stress --cpu 80 --io 40 --vm 20 --vm-bytes 1280M --timeout 5s
stress: info: [31924] dispatching hogs: 80 cpu, 40 io, 20 vm, 0 hdd

The command _did_not_end_ after five seconds. I tried to
kill it after ~15 minutes. I had no success killing it.

"nr_isolated_anon" was "0" all the time. 'ps xal' hung its
terminal. Just like 'pkill stress', 'pkill firefox', 'pkill
thunderbird', 'pkill pkill' and 'pkill -9 stress'.

ps xal:

I hit SysRq-[lmtw] several times, you'll find all kernel
messages (/var/log/messages) from boot to reboot here:

The system did not shutdown properly, I waited some time
for sshd to stop and eventually hit SysRq-sub.


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