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    SubjectRE: Error in Hyper-V modules hv_vmbus

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    > Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2011 2:48 AM
    > To: Hank Janssen
    > Cc: KY Srinivasan;
    > Subject: Re: Error in Hyper-V modules hv_vmbus
    > > Hank.
    > Here is my step by step protocol:

    Thanks for the detailed setup. I will be trying it with this.

    > lsmod | grep hv_
    > hv_timesource 1055 0 [permanent]
    > hv_vmbus 48554 1
    > In the logs and with lsmod i see the timesource module running, but
    > the
    > time is not in sync with the windows host.
    > Shutdown function also dosn't work, seems that nothing of the
    > integrated components are working..hv_netvsc,hv_blkvsc,hv_storvsc are
    > not
    > loaded?! But modinfo provides information:

    Timesource makes sure that the clock does not drift and uses Hyper-V for
    Its stable time source.

    The setting of the clock equal to the host is provided by the hv_utils.ko
    Module. This module also provides heartbeat, shutdown and KVP functionality.

    > After that I enabled the synthetic network card, but also
    > doesn't work and I don't see any hv_netvsc
    > module loaded, so I tried to load it "by hand" with modprobe
    > hv_netvsc..but I get a modprobe timeout and nothing happens..

    I should know more in the next day or so when I get a VM up and running.

    It works fine on Ubuntu, I submitted a few patches to them a few weeks ago
    To fix some other problems (these patches are already in mainline)


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