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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/5] Fix oom killer doesn't work at all if system have > gigabytes memory (aka CAI founded issue)
(2011/05/31 13:10), KOSAKI Motohiro wrote:
> (2011/05/31 10:33), CAI Qian wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Have tested those patches rebased from KOSAKI for the latest mainline.
>> It still killed random processes and recevied a panic at the end by
>> using root user. The full oom output can be found here.
> You ran fork-bomb as root. Therefore unprivileged process was killed at first.
> It's no random. It's intentional and desirable. I mean
> - If you run the same progream as non-root, python will be killed at first.
> Because it consume a lot of memory than daemons.
> - If you run the same program as root, non root process and privilege explicit
> dropping processes (e.g. irqbalance) will be killed at first.

I mean, oom-killer start to kill python after killing all unprivilege process
in this case. Please wait & see ahile after sequence.

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