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SubjectRE: [PATCH 3/5 v2] [media] ov9740: Fixed some settings
> > +	{ OV9740_MIPI_CTRL00,		0x64 }, /* 0x44 for 
> continuous clock */
> I think, the choice between continuous and discontinuous CSI-2 clock
> should become configurable. You can only use discontinuous clock with
> hosts, that support it, right? Whereas all hosts must support
> continuous
> clock. So, I'm not sure we should unconditionally switch to
> discontinuous
> clock here... Maybe it's better to keep it continuous until
> we make it
> configurable?

Yes, that's right. The camera host needs to support discontinuous clocks. I'll change it back to continuous clock by default, and change the comment to "0x64 for discontinuous clock", so we remember for when this becomes configurable.

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