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Subject3.0-rc1: powerpc hangs at Kernel virtual memory layout

trying to boot 3.0-rc1 on powerpc32 only progresses until:

> Kernel virtual memory layout:
> * 0xfffcf000..0xfffff000 : fixmap

And then the system hangs, does not respond to keyboard (sysrq does not
seem to work on this PowerBook G4). But after a while the system reboots
itself, so I guess the machine panicked but did not print anything on the

Full messages (picture), config & (working) dmesg:

I'm currently trying to bisect this, so far I have:

git bisect start
# good: [61c4f2c81c61f73549928dfd9f3e8f26aa36a8cf] Linux 2.6.39
git bisect good 61c4f2c81c61f73549928dfd9f3e8f26aa36a8cf
# bad: [55922c9d1b84b89cb946c777fddccb3247e7df2c] Linux 3.0-rc1
git bisect bad 55922c9d1b84b89cb946c777fddccb3247e7df2c
# bad: [c44dead70a841d90ddc01968012f323c33217c9e] Merge branch 'usb-next'
of git://
git bisect bad c44dead70a841d90ddc01968012f323c33217c9e
# bad: [d93515611bbc70c2fe4db232e5feb448ed8e4cc9] macvlan: fix panic if
lowerdev in a bond
git bisect bad d93515611bbc70c2fe4db232e5feb448ed8e4cc9

Any ideas?

BOFH excuse #263:

It's stuck in the Web.

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