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SubjectRE: linux-next: build warningiIn Linus' tree
> Len, i'd *really* prefer it if patches changing arch/x86/ had a
> longer test time in linux-next than what you are gave it here.

I agree 100%, and I will do better in the future.

This was very difficult timing for a merge window for me.

> these patches were contentious when you last posted
> them as an RFC to lkml ...

The idle cleanup patches were contentious when I posed them
because my original proposal deleted a bunch of code right away.

Alan convinced me that the community doesn't move that fast,
and that we should wallow in the swill for a while longer before
deleting. Others volunteered to test the latest upstream kernel
on APM hardware, giving APM's presence in the upstream kernel a life line.
So all I did was add the recommended feature-removal's and warnings
for the stuff which obviously should go. But if you see some of
your favorite bits on the chopping block, you have at least
6 months to make a case for them:-)


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