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    SubjectRe: [PATCH -tip v4 0/7] perf: Introduce branch sub commands
    (2011/05/27 1:24), David Ahern wrote:
    > On 05/26/2011 07:28 AM, Frederic Weisbecker wrote:
    >> (Adding David Ahern in Cc)
    >> Ok that's all good except this needs to use the "perf script" centralized
    >> dump.
    >> Currently running "perf script" without an actual script dumps
    >> the events by default, whatever kind of event they are: hardware,
    >> software, tracepoints, ...
    >> So we want the branch output to be supported there, so we can reuse
    >> some code and interface.
    >> For example, "perf script -f branch:comm,tid,sym" would print the
    >> comm, tid and the sym for to and from addresses.
    >> That's better than creating a new set of options in a new command
    >> that people need to relearn while everybody could simply get
    >> familiarized with common perf script options.
    >> Of course we can still have a "perf branch" command, which could
    >> be a tiny shortcut that maps to perf record and perf script.
    >> Like:
    >> perf branch record
    >> perf branch [trace] -f tid,sym,comm
    >> Would map to:
    >> perf record branch:u
    >> perf script -f branch:tid,sym,comm
    >> And may be if one day we can do something more tricky than a
    >> linear output for branches (like source code coloring/browsing),
    >> then it may be implemented inside perf branch and not rely on
    >> another subcommand. Until then we are only dealing with raw linear
    >> dump, and that's a core job for perf script where we want to
    >> centralize that kind of facility.
    > I mentioned that when v3 was posted.
    > The sample address can be converted to symbols and the output can be
    > added to perf-script rather easily. Attached is an example. I was going
    > to submit it back in April and got distracted. I'll rebase, move the
    > addr->sym conversion to a function and submit later today.
    I agreed with implementing it on perf script.
    I'd like to try it.

    Thank you.

    > David
    >> Thanks.

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