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Subject[3.0-rc1 regression] (was: Re: [2.6.39 regression] i915/kms: garbled screen because of 49183b281)
* Melchior FRANZ -- Thursday 12 May 2011:
> > Chris Wilson (4):
> > drm/i915: Only enable the plane after setting the fb base (pre-ILK)
> This patch introduces a bug on my infamous "Acer Travelmate
> 5735Z-452G32Mnss": when KMS takes over, the frame buffer contents
> get completely garbled up on screen, with colored stripes and
> unreadable text (photo on request). Only when X11 is started, the
> screen gets restored again. Closing and re-opening the lid partly
> cures the mess, too: it makes the font readable, though horizontally
> stretched.
> Reverting 49183b2818de6899383bb82bc032f9344d6791ff fixes the
> bug.

This got fixed after my bug report, but now it's back with exactly
the same description. Bisection result to come ...


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